'Cornix Sinistra' was published in December 2010 to critical recognition. Told through 24 interlinked short stories, it tells the life of Jacaranda, the bookshop she runs, her customers, her staff, and the different worlds her bookshop leads to. Violent and explicit, with especially commissioned cover art from Carolin Southern, this is available in a glossy paperback edition and as a download through Amazon. Not for the faint hearted.


It is available as an ebook. 

'A complicated but fascinating SF book. A very enjoyable read once I got used to thinking about it as many separate, albeit related, stories. (Eric P, Amazon review)'

'A pan-dimensional tale, told with depth. Each of the chapters takes you further into a story that unfolds as you read it, with each alternative world as much a character in the books as the protagonists and heroine herself. A riddle wrapped in an enigma, it allows you to work out what is happening for yourself as the heroine struggles with the same issues as various protagonists seek to cheat, protect or recruit her.

A satisfying read, which reminded me of a superior "Nine Princes in Amber" crossed with the classic "Sapphire and Steel". Guy Robinson, Amazon review)'

'Armageddon Angel' is the concluding part to 'Cornix Sinistra' and was published in 2012. In 25 short stories in brings the tale of Jacaranda, Wizerbowski, Déraciné, Bridge, Henghist, Horsa and Amaranthaceae. Again featuring artwork from Carolin Southern, this is only available as an over-sized glossy paperback.


'The Heart's Cog Imperative' is the first of a 5 part dark Steampunk adventure series, co written by Steven C. Davis and S. J. Stewart. It features the characters of Jasper Woods and Thistle Wales as they decide to take on the globe-spanning Royal British Empire. Book 1 of The Heart's Cog Imperative was published in March 2015, and is available as a strictly limited very special edition, complete with a launch  poster, a special edition poster, a sew-on badge and a fridge magnet.

'An epic yet easy read (Stu Tovell, via facebook)' 


'Sorrow Works' is a collection of 21 poems, written and with photographic accompaniment by Steven C. Davis, chronicling the events of 2006, both personal and public. It is available in audio format through Bandcamp, and is available through Amazon here.