'Cornix Sinistra'

The first book to be published by Tenebrous Texts, 'Cornix Sinistra' began as a collection of short stories, inspired by doing an Open University course on Creative Writing. From being a collection of 24 mostly unrelated tales (there were four sets of characters of scenarios which had 3 short stories apiece) it grew into a novel being told through short stories, some of which incorporated previously used ideas (as all authors do). Thanks to David Wagstaffe for allowing Steven the use of the character Bridge, as she was a co-creation of theirs. 


'Armageddon Angel'

'Armageddon Angel' is the concluding part to 'Cornix Sinistra'. Featuring 25 interconnecting short stories, it picks up the story of Jacaranda, Bridge and the bookshop leading to its apocalyptic conclusion. The intention is to make both available as e-books and then an "author's choice" edition will be available in paperback.

It will be made available as an e-book in 2016.


'Sorrow Works'

A collection of poems from 2006, charting a year of change, and illustrated with some of Steven's photos. Available in audio format from Bandcamp, and is available through Amazon here


'The Heart's Cog Imperative' (a co-write with S. J. Stewart)

'The Heart's Cog Imperative' is the first of a sequence of 5 novels charting the adventures of Captain Jasper Woods and his first mate Thistle Wales. Woods and Wales were booksellers before falling foul of the all-powerful Royal British Empire on charges of smuggling, gun and drug running, treason and murder. Jasper rescues Thistle from the Empire's gaol and they steal an airship. But the Empire want them back and the adventure is only just beginning.

The novel may not be suitable for those of a nervous or fragile disposition or sheltered upbringing. Book 2 of "The Heart's Cog Imperative" is due out in 2016.


In addition to being a writer, Steven is also a web-DJ and host of the GASP radio show.

He is also  building up a portfolio of vocal work and readings.